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Find a Doctor, Stylist or Massage Therapist in Seconds

ScheduleX let's you easily search for available appointments in your city. Just start a search to view detailed information about each business. Once you find a service provider and an open time that meets your needs, simply click on the available appointment to book it and add to your calendar.

We'll send you a reminder before the appointment and you can always review your schedule online anytime, anywhere.

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Keep Track of Appointments

Let us help you manage your time. We'll give you a personal calendar that you can review anytime, anywhere. Never miss an appointment again.

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Configurable Profile

Save your preferred contact information and location for your future appointments.

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Send Appointments to Your Outlook Calendar

Send ScheduleX appointments to your Microsoft Outlook calendar. You supply the email address, we'll do the rest!

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Automated Email Reminders

Multiple Friendly Appointment Reminders will be sent to you to prior to your booked appointment so you won’t miss it.