Appointment Setup

Manage How You Take Appointments

Customizable Appointment Questions

You can customize the information you request from the customer when they are booking an appointment with up to four definable questions. With each of these fields you can ask customers questions and require that they answer them prior to booking an appointment.

Some questions might include:

• "How did you find us?"
• "When was your last exam?"
• "Do you have any special requirements?"

Appointment Policies

If you have specific cancellation, confirmation and advanced booking requirements, you can define each required timeframe in number of hours.

For example, you might want to require that a customer can only cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

If you define a confirmation requirement, we will send an email to the customer with a link to confirm the appointment. The appointment will only be scheduled after they have clicked the confirmation link (this helps you eliminate people who aren't serious about commitments).

Only Allow Customers to Cancel Appointments XX Hours Prior to Start Time (optional)

You can restrict customers from how late they can cancel appointments. For example, if you wanted to restrict customers from canceling appointments within 24 hours of the appointment time you would select this option to activate it and then select the hours (24) they must cancel prior to the appointment.

Customers Must Book Appointments XX Prior to Start Time (optional)

You can also require customers that they book an appointment a certain amount of time ahead of the appointment. For example, if you do not want customers booking appointments the same day of a scheduled appointment you could select this option, put 24 in the hours field and ScheduleX will only allow them to book an appointment more than 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment time.

Require Customers to Confirm Appointment XX Hours prior to Start Time (optional)

You have the option of requiring that appointments must be confirmed by customers prior to the appointment being officially booked. The way the process works is that the customer requests the appointment. The customer is sent an email request from ScheduleX to their email address requiring confirmation further validating the customer. The customer either accepts or denies the appointment and the business is notified. Once an appointment is confirmed the appointment is scheduled. To utilize this feature you select the option to utilize it and put in the minimum hours appointment must be confirmed by customer prior to the respective appointment start time.

Email Reminders

You can also select to have appointment reminders emailed automatically to your customers that have booked appointments. You can specify up to three reminders (days, hours and minutes), and pick any combination you like.