Manage Schedule

There are two types of custom scheduling options for you. Customize your availability to You! Each resource or business provider has their own unique schedule.

1. Manage Schedule Availability

This 7 day calendar is made for you with your business availability.

The calendar is made up of white rectangles that are 15 minute increments. Click on a white rectangle or cell to make this time unavailable. This time will ALWAYS be unavailable every week. When you click a cell it will change colors.

White Rectangle: Available
Orange Rectangle: Unavailable
Yellow Rectangle: Business Unavailable

Schedule Screen
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*Remember this calendar is only for reoccurring unavailability.
To schedule a one time unavailable time period, please use the calendar below!

2. Schedule Unique Time Off

This calendar is for unique periods of unavailability. For example if your going to be gone all day Friday you select type or select Friday from the Start text box and the same for the end text box then check All Day Event and click Add.

There is an option to print your available and booked appointments. This is helpful if you want to have a quick reference during your workday. Whatever view you are in is what will be printed when you click on the print button. If you are in the monthly view and click the print button it will list all of your booked and available appointments for the current month. If you are in the day view it would print just the listing of the day available and booked appointments.

Schedule Screen
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