Manage Multiple Locations.

A default location is created for your business after you first register with ScheduleX. You can also add other locations or franchises if you have them.

Adding a New Location

To add a location, click the 'Add New Location' button. You will then be asked to fill in the following fields:

  • Location Name: You'll want to make this unique to eliminate any confusion. (i.e. Acme Dallas, Acme South Congress Ave., etc.)
  • Primary Contact: This is normally the person setting up the system. Later you may want to change it to a service provider working at the location.
  • Location Email Address
  • Location Phone
  • Location Fax
  • Location Physical Address
  • Location ZIP
  • Location Description: Enter any location specific information, location history, specials, or any other promotional material to market you business. This information will be displayed for customers inquiring about your business location. (optional)
  • Cancellation Policy: Enter any business specific information regarding your cancellation policies. (optional)
  • Hours of Operation (optional)
  • Time Zone of Location
  • Location is Active: If this is not checked, your location will saved, but hidden from the public.
  • After you have filled in the location info, click on 'Create New Location'. You can always edit the information later.