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Customize your Business Profile

Once you've signed up for ScheduleX, you can change your business profile at any time. Simply click on the 'Business Set-Up' link and then select the 'Business Profile.'

Business Profile Fields

Business Name

Time Zone

Business Hours

Click the text box next to the days to input your availability. You can click the times or type it in the text entries. This builds your typical business hours for your business but you can customize your unavailability uniquely on the Manage Schedule page.

Business Logo

Business Description

This will be displayed on your Business Profile and on the Search Result Business Preview.

Business Website

Primary Contact

This should be the business owner or manager. This can also be used by a single person business. Only this account will be able to access or edit your business providers or resources. Resources do not have the ability to look or edit any calendar except for their unavailability.

Business Email

Business Phone

Business Fax

Business Address

Business Zip

*Remember, All fields can be edited at anytime, anywhere!