Service Providers

Manage your Availability

Service Providers are your personnel that customers will be scheduling available appointments with. The system automatically adds the business owner as a service provider when the business is created.

Adding a Service Provider

ScheduleX allows you to add as many service providers as necessary. It is important to note that service providers can be assigned to several locations and have calendar appointment availability at each location.

To add a service provider, follow these steps:

  • First, select the location for the new service provider and click 'Add Service Provider.'
  • Second, fill in the account information for that service provider. This will add them to the ScheduleX system and provide them with login information.
  • Next, you can add a phone number, description or picture for the service provider.
  • Finally, you'll also want to check which services they offer. You can change the service description, cost and duration to a specific value for each service provider.

  • You can edit a service provider's information at any time by clicking on the 'edit' link next to their name.