Business FAQs

How much is this going to cost me?

ScheduleX is a free service.

What kind of professions benefit from

All types of businesses can benefit from ScheduleX. The system is designed to let any kind of business manage appointments easily.

Can I enforce appointment scheduling rules with a customers trying to book appointments?

Yes, it‘s very easy and effective to preserve the assurance of your clients and your time. You can edit how long they have to cancel a confirmed appointment prior to the appointment start time and even select when you would like us to send reminder emails to the client with the booked appointment. For more information, see Appointment Info.

Can I remind my customers of scheduled appointments?

Yes, we can do it automatically for free for you! You select customizable options of what time we send the emails to the customers reminding them of their scheduled appointments.

Why should I choose ScheduleX compared to other competitors?

ScheduleX encourages businesses to search and review other online scheduling applications. We have developed this scheduling application for the real needs of business‘ and their customers. Our ScheduleX site is an easy to use fREE application for online appointment scheduling and far more effective and easier to use than any other online appointment applications.