Customer FAQs

Is the ScheduleX appointment scheduling system free?

Anyone can search for and book appointments for free.

How do I change my location for searching?

From the homepage, simply type in your City, State, or ZIP and we will locate your location. You can change your location by clicking "Change Location" under the search box.

Why can't I find the business I'm looking for?

Try broadening your search terms or picking a city nearby. Remember, we are adding more businesses each day. If you would like your local business to appear on the site, please tell them to use ScheduleX!

Is my information kept private?

All of your personal or business information is kept 100% confidential and your data will only be used by ScheduleX in conjunction with the respective business with which you book an online appointment.

Are there any membership requirements with ScheduleX?

No, the service for customers is free. Once you Sign Up we'll store your info for next time.